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10 Reasons to get married

There may be many reasons to get married. For some couples the most important thing is to make the commitment to the person you love, for other couples the religious reasons are the most important.
There are many other reasons that lead couples to make a marriage decision.
Let’s know what the reasons to tie the knot are:

1 – Security
Marriage brings more security and certainty to the effective and legal relationship experienced by the couple.
2 – Transparency
The marriage brings more clarity as to the rights and duties of the couple, which gives emotional stability to both wife and husband.

3 – Publicity
From its realization, the marriage becomes public. This guarantees the need for spouse’s consent in transactions relating to real estate.
4 – Rights
Married men are natural heirs to their spouses. Apart from material goods, spouses have moral rights to each other. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, men and women who have attained the age of majority have the right to marry “without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion.
5 – With or without ceremony
Weddings can be celebrated in a notary’s office or as a religious act. The couple can choose to have a wedding venue for their family and friends or simply the act of getting married.
Nowadays there are many different ways to celebrate marriage, which requires a lot of creativity and work on the part of the couple.
6 – International validity
Marriage is made and celebrated in all countries and in different communities throughout the world.
7 – Equality
Same-sex marriage is permitted in many countries around the world and is therefore an act that brings equality between heterosexual and homosexual couples.
8 – Tradition
Marriage is one of the oldest institutions of civil society.
There are many absolutely fascinating traditions around the world, ranging from culture to culture, country by country.
For example in France brides and grooms traditionally eat chocolate and champagne after the reception.
We can talk more about marriage traditions in another article.
9 – Guaranteed paternity
When married the fatherhood of the children is presumed.
The mother may attend the register alone and the child be registered in the father’s name.
10 – Freedom
Marriage is an act that brings not only duties and rights to husband and wife but also freedom for both. Freedom in the sense that there is no sense of belonging but rather respect.
There are many reasons why two people decide to marry but the most valuable thing is to celebrate the love they both feel for each other.

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