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Wedding Ideas 5 Best Trending Ideas for 2017

Wedding ideas 2017

Wedding ideas are hard to find but when they are trending they are often right!

Are you on the count down for the big day? We have prepared a list with the 5 best trending wedding ideas for 2017. We don’t want you to get lost with details for your wedding day and we actually think you’re going to be amazed with the beautiful wedding ideas that are trending for 2017.

Every year or every wedding season, always brings us new trends, may they be amazing wedding dress, stunning hairstyles, brilliant and creative wedding invitations, beautiful decoration… New colors, new flowers, new weddings!

We’ve rounded up the industry’s top experts to bring you 5 best wedding trends you definetely need to know about.

1. Wedding Styles

It might be the begining of winter but there is one upcoming wedding trend that is guaranteed to warm you up and that’s Natural Themes and elements such as Wood, Stone and Cork.

Another very popular wedding style that has been growing fans around the world since last season is the Bohemian Style. These weddings are characterized by bright colors and different designs. Its main feature is, however, freedom – wedding dresses made of natural materials and new decor tend to have natural elements such as meadow flowers or spikelets of rye. They are also a wide variety of lights and candles being used.

2. Wedding Invitation

More and more couples are using the new technology for their wedding invitations. The Digital Wedding invitations are being used each day more by new couples.

These digital wedding invitations keep the romantic and glamorous side of traditional wedding invitations, plus the fact that it is easier for the couple to send them to hundreds of people.

3. Wedding Cake

Seems like Natural themes and elements are really trending in 2017. Earthy, whimsical wedding cake themes are extremely hot this year.

To get the best look, you can choose an edible white or ivory color and accent it with fresh or lifelike sugar flowers and leaves.

A very good idea and even cheaper is to order a simple white cake and place it on top of a wooden tree ring decorated with moss and leaves.

4. Wedding Dress

Far from being new, the traditional tail have gained re-readings and new locations in the dress. Instead of coming in the back, they are being applied on the sides and even on the sleeves.

It is in it’s core the tattoo dress style, the lace molds to the body like a drawing and the mermaid style dresses to the Brides who are more daring and who like to surprise. But the classic never goes out of style and it is still in fashion.

5. Accessories

Finally, no wedding outfit would be complete without accessories.
2017 sees varying combinations of trains, veils and even capes.†There ís also a big upsurge in hair jewellery, such as clips, chains and tiaras.