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Tips for the Perfect Wedding Day

digital wedding invitation


Anxious for your wedding day to be just perfect?

Don’t be. Perfection is overestimated and most brides are so lost in an anxious quest for perfection that they forget to live the most important day of their lives.


Love is actually made of stories and small imperfections. Yes, we all know that. But we often forget that wedding decorations, and wedding memories are often forged with love.

You will remember your wedding shoe forever even if it breaks. And yes, it would be a disaster. Finger’s crossed and it will not happen to you. But wedding days are not always perfect, someone you love tenderly may be late or lost, the nerves may cause some damage throughout the day and tiredness can take it’s toll.

But at the end of the day what counts is that you and the one you love most in the worlds tied the knot. That you are now bound to one another by love and true devotion. So even if your high heal does break, take it with a smile.

Even if all fails try to have some special features at the core of your wedding. It will sweep your guests off their feet:


  • Have an original wedding invitation and set your wedding day apart from the start. Try our Mobile Wedding Invitation and amaze your guests with your own game, a digital invitation and GPS to your wedding venue.
  • Be up to date with the 2017 wedding trends! Don’t be shy, get trendy, get stylish and use the latest news in the market on your wedding. After all this is your day, don’t waste time being shy about it. The most important thing is that this is your day!
  • The wedding trends for 2017 will go hand in hand with Rustic and Boho, so if you don’t have any idea where to start the go with what’s trending for 2017.

Don’t forget this is your day, your special day to shine and irradiate happiness. So think less about the imperfections that will naturally occur and focus on the special feeling that will irradiate in your lives forever. Getting married can be the most charming day in one’s life if only we do not forget to live it fully.

So dance your heart out and delegate worrying on your closest friends and family. Let them worry about all the last minute details and just shine!


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