Floral Digital Wedding Invitation

Floral Digital Wedding Invitation

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Do you think you deserve to have a unique wedding since the beggining?
Then put your heart into your wedding game invitation.

* Surprise them by social media, e-mail or message;
* Play a spectacular and gorgeous game;
* Use in game wedding presence confirmation and GPS directions to the wedding venue.


Product Description

The Floral Digital Wedding Invitation can be sent to any device by social media, e-mail or message. It has a gorgeous racing game to play and have fun until the big day arrives.

All guests can confirm if they are going from inside the game. You dont need to worry if your guests will get lost, with the GPS they can get there easily.

After the purchase you will be contacted by our team so you can give us all the details about your special day.

Delivery time: 24 hours.


***  Digital Wedding Invitation

***  Send your Wedding Invitation by Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, E-mail, etc)

***  Wedding Game Featuring the Groom and Bride

***  GPS to the Wedding Venue



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