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10 Reasons to get married

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10 Reasons to get married

There may be many reasons to get married. For some couples the most important thing is to make the commitment to the person you love, for other couples the religious reasons are the most important.
There are many other reasons that lead couples to make a marriage decision.
Let’s know what the reasons to tie the knot are:

1 – Security
Marriage brings more security and certainty to the effective and legal relationship experienced by the couple.
2 – Transparency
The marriage brings more clarity as to the rights and duties of the couple, which gives emotional stability to both wife and husband.

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Tips for the Perfect Wedding Day

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Anxious for your wedding day to be just perfect?

Don’t be. Perfection is overestimated and most brides are so lost in an anxious quest for perfection that they forget to live the most important day of their lives.


Love is actually made of stories and small imperfections. Yes, we all know that. But we often forget that wedding decorations, and wedding memories are often forged with love.
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Wedding Ideas 5 Best Trending Ideas for 2017

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Wedding ideas are hard to find but when they are trending they are often right!

Are you on the count down for the big day? We have prepared a list with the 5 best trending wedding ideas for 2017. We don’t want you to get lost with details for your wedding day and we actually think you’re going to be amazed with the beautiful wedding ideas that are trending for 2017.

Every year or every wedding season, always brings us new trends, may they be amazing wedding dress, stunning hairstyles, brilliant and creative wedding invitations, beautiful decoration… New colors, new flowers, new weddings!
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